Bushman Full Value Trade-In Guarantee

One of our goals at Bushman Music Works is to provide you with the very best purchase experience you've ever had, no exceptions!

Another goal is that through our passion for ukulele excellence, we continue to create amazing ukuleles.

In support of our first goal, to give you an out-of-body buying experience, and to eliminate the angst that the introduction of our latest and greatest ukuele might create, we've decided to make Bushman ukulele customers a FULL VALUE TRADE-IN GUARANTEE! This guarantee also assures our customers that their Bushman ukulele will never decrease in value! And actually, we've found that Bushman ukuleles tend to go up in value!

Our guarantee is simple: If you are the original purchaser of a any soprano, concert or tenor sized Bushman ukulele that you purchased directly from Bushman, and you decide that you’d like a different Bushman ukulele, or we create something new and amazing that you just have to have, you can trade in your original Bushman ukulele toward a new one and get the full price you paid for the original taken off the price of the new one! This guarantee does not apply to baritones.  We stopped making and selling baritone sized ukuleles in 2006.  Your trade-in must be in good condition which is defined as being playable and crack free. If your trade-in has a crack or other damage, you should still call us - maybe we can work something out for you that is acceptable.

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