Bushman Ukuleles

Our main business is supplying music stores with our Bushman harmonicas and ukuleles, however we sell directly to musicians too.  Being a manufacturer and wholesaler allows us to offer musicians some incredible deals, but we have to be careful; we don't want to hurt our dealers by putting lower prices than theirs on our website.  That's where our "Best Customer" email list comes in.  From time to time we'll email you about a great deal we're offering.  The deals will often include prices that we'd rather send in a private email than publishing them on our website.  Being on our list is a great way for harmonica and ukulele players to save money!

We only want customers on our list who want to be there. With every email we send you'll have the power to unsubscribe yourself.

Email us or call us at 317-250-8156 with your email address.